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Luxury Crystal Leaf Hair Combs Wedding Hiar Accessories for Women

Luxury Crystal Leaf Hair Combs Wedding Hiar Accessories for Women

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Metal color

Name:Luxury Crystal Leaf Hair Combs Wedding Hiar Accessories for Women

Gender: for Women

Material: Crystal

Color:Silver Color,Gold Color

Style: Fashion

Occasion: Party/Rave/Nightclub/Wedding

Product details
It is an ideal gift for the person you love, such as: in love, girlfriend, fiancee, wife, mother, partner, lover, etc. Express your love for the people you love. It is also a good choice for engagement or wedding jewelry, Christmas gifts or any occasion that requires items of special significance.

1. Q:If my quantity is large, can I get discount?
A:Yes.Please contact us.We will try our best give you better price.
2. Q:What's your packing way?
A:We usually Opp bag, packing box is also available. Sometimes plus bubble pack to protect our goods.
3. Q:What's your delivery time?
A:For our stock items, after your payment, in 3-5 days we can shipping for you.
According to the different express delivery methods selected, the transportation time is different, and it can be delivered within 5-30 days.
4. Q:May we customize the products in our requirement?
A:Yes, you can customize if you want. The cost will be different if there are different designs, you can contact us for detail price.
5. Q:What's the payment terms?
A:We accept all payment methods supported by AliExpress.
6.Q:How can I choose the express company which I want?
A:If you want to arrive as soon as possible, you can choose FedEx, which will arrive in about 3-7 days, but you need to pay a logistics fee of 30 dollars. If your order exceeds 300 dollars, we can send you FedEx for free.
Worry-free logistics-standard express delivery time is about 20 days.
Cainiao Super Economy Global express delivery time is about 30-45 days.
If there don't have the choice that you want, please don't hesitate to contact us, we will change the delivery company.
7.Q:What's your quality and after sale service?
A:We are very confident in our products, and we check every single piece and pack them very well, so usually you will receive your order in good condition. If really have some problem, please contact us anytime, we will handle that for you in 24 hours.
8.Q:About pictures and videos
A:We can take pictures and videos by ourselves, and they are all displayed in kind. If you need them, you can also come to us.

Jewelry maintenance:
1. Jewelry is often replaced. The same jewelry should be avoided for a long time. Especially in the hot summer, the jewelry coating is easy to erode for a long time. Therefore, it is best to prepare multiple accessories for frequent replacement.
2. In contact with chemicals, jewelry is easy to damage. The aroma of bathing, chlorine gas in swimming, salt in the seawater, etc. will cause erosion marks to the plating of the jewelry, so you should remove all the ornaments before bathing or swimming.
3. Practice the flowers when it is easy to wipe. Be careful when stored. Do not overlap the jewelry in the original packaging bag or placed in jewelry boxes with independent small grids to avoid rubbing each other and rubbing the surface of the flower.
4. Clean the jewelry from time to time, use a soft brush to sweep the surface of the jewelry to remove the surface stains.
5. You can apply a layer of transparent nail polish on the metal surface, so as to avoid contact with the jewelry and air. It takes a longer time.

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